Email Accounts

We deliver secure, enterprise-grade hosted email services. Whether you need one account or a thousand, we can take the hassle out of managing your email provision.

We work closely with industry leading providers to supply email facilities with the highest levels of reliability. Our Hosted Email and Exchange accounts come with premium anti-spam and anti-virus systems and generous account limits.

As well as accessing your email from any number of mobile and desktop devices, you can also access it on the move with our sophisticated webmail system; this allows you to send and receive email from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world.

With our remote assistance software we can even help you get your accounts set up as if we were sitting right there in the room with you!

Hosted Email

Our full-featured, mobile friendly, hosted email account complete with webmail and spam/virus protection.


Hosted Exchange

Fully integrated, enterprise-grade email, contact and calendar hosting platform. Includes Outlook license.


Email Migration

We can migrate your email data from most other popular email providers, such as Hotmail or Google Mail.


Included as standard

  • 25-100Gb Storage Allowance
  • 50Mb Attachment Limit
  • Secure Connections

Questions & Answers

  • Is my email safe?

    All email data is backed up every single night, and can be restored at any point for up to 14 days.

  • Can I have multiple addresses?

    All email accounts on our platform can have unlimited email aliases; just supply a list of what you need and we'll set them all up when we create the account.

  • What if I have more than one domain?

    You can receive email into your new inbox from any or as many domains as you wish – we simply alias any addresses you require to your account.

  • Can I use hosted email and Exchange on one domain?

    Yes! The accounts created under any domain can be split between the two account types, and aliases can point to both.

  • Can you set up my email on Google Apps?

    Absolutely! We charge a small one-off fee of £30 for setting up the Google Apps account and then an annual fee of £45 per user. Alternatively, if you're happy setting up the account yourself, we can point your email to Google for no charge.

  • Will it work on my mobile/tablet?

    Both our hosted and Exchange accounts work perfectly with the native email clients on all major mobile platforms. Exchange accounts also allow you to sync your contact and calendar entries with your device.

  • Can I access my email online?

    All our email accounts come with a full-featured webmail facility, allowing access to your account from any Internet connected computer.